Thursday, July 30, 2009

What suits a Gentleman...Part 2

Here are 10 more elegant gentlemen, for your eyes only.
1- My favourite 007, Sean Connery in the 1960s, as you can tell from the notched collar tuxedo and the small bow tie. Nice!

2- My favourite secret agent, John Steed, played by Patrick Macnee on the British series, The Avengers. One of Steed's trademarks was his impeccable dress, consisting of a Savile Row bespoke suit, a metal-plated bowler hat and an everpresent umbrella by James Smith & Sons (here hidden in the weeds).

3- Herbert von Karajan, the orchestra and opera conductor. Renowned for being strict and charismatic but flamboyantly animated too when conducting. Isaiah Berlin referred to Karajan as "a genius, with a whiff of sulphur about him"... Watch him conducting the Berlin Philarmonic. Enjoy!
4- Marcel Proust, and his remarkable style both as a novelist and as a dandy. Here, I love his tie, boutonniere and gingham trousers.

Count Robert de Montesquiou (1855-1921)
by Giovanni Boldini, , Musée d'Orsay, Paris.

5- A notorious poet, art collector and dandy of his time, Robert de Montesquiou was the inspiration for Baron de Charlus in Marcel Proust's À la Recherche du Temps Perdu (In Search of Lost Time). Notice his sophisticated pose, his Duke of Richelieu-like moustache , and his suit, perfectly fitted in a beautiful shade of gris de perle.

6- Jeff Buckley (1966-1997), the modern Romantic figure of avant-garde music, who heralded both musically daring and overtly emotional approaches. Here wearing a heavy black velvet coat with the Grace of an angel.

7- The Duke! Wow, he really had the swing and the style that goes with it. The tie bar holds the knot high up, and the fluffiness of the handkerchief gives the whole style its ease and elegance.

8- Rudolph Valentino in a tuxedo that is so perfectly fitted that it looks like a corset. Wow! I want the same!

9- Ahh, a breathtaking case of Italian sprezzatura. The nonchalant elegance of Vittorio Gassman on a scooter, wearing a Prince de Galles suit. Ready for a ride, ladies?

10- Pierre Cardin and Yves Saint Laurent, master and disciple united, 1965, Paris- Photograph by Willy Rizo. Stripes, structural frames and paisley for YSL and rich grey wool suit with peaked lapels for Monsieur Cardin.

Helmut Newton's iconic 1975 photo of YSL's Le Smoking

Last but not least, I haven't found anything more suitable to conclude on than YSL's 1966 Le Smoking, the pioneering tuxedo suit for women...Talking of women, now is my turn to delve into what will make my bridal outfit look like me. Hum! Let me think...

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