Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holiday Season with Julie Andrews in Antwerp!

May all be moved
May all be loved
May all be dancing out of joy well into the new year ;O)

P.S: Long live Belgium!
En cette fin d'année, je vous souhaite d'être ému et d'être aimé.
Que la joie vous emporte dans un tourbillon étourdissant pour allègrement célébrer 2011 ;O)

PS: Vive la Belgique!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

So moved!

Totem #9                                                              Totem #3
Totem #8
Photos by Alain Delorme (thank you for the link on your blog, Lauren!)
... that we have moved. Et voilà!
We did it in two stages. We first moved out of our rented apartment on Dec.1 to move in a house that we had just bought. But as we first wanted to get the floors sanded and waxed, we could not settle down the very first days. We thus shoved all our furniture (not much really) in the kitchen, pantry and sunroom to let the floor sanding workers perform their art freely, i.e without sanding our belongings at the same time. And after 4 days, the two storeys were finished, pampered and rejuvenated- they looked totally different. It is beautiful to see what expertise and a lot of TLC can do to a place!
Now, we moved in for good last Sunday, Dec. 5! Today, Saturday December 11, we are enjoying our first real weekend in our new abode. The excitement is climactic! I can feel a new source of energy flowing in every single vein of my body.
On the menu today, unpacking more boxes, getting organized with our clothes (at long last I am going to unpack my traveller's suitcase that I've been living out of for the last week!) and a few errands to run like get gorgeous but very affordable chandeliers that Marco spotted at a vintage store, AND to buy a Christmas tree! The house won't be fully furnished for Christmas, but believe me it will be cosy with a big Fraser fir Xmas tree ;O) We'll just need our friends and families to help us complete the picture, and warm up the place for good.
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