Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Now You need Miguel Jacob's Now I need You

Click on the image for the full video.

Miguel Jacob's short film "Now I Need You" will be screened at the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival on August 5-6, 2011.

Karl Lagerfeld, Bruce Weber and others will also be showing films there!

Kudos, Miguel.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Pandorian interviews Cédric Roulliat

PLEASE""""DoN't MisS this GrrRRReat interview!
You will discover my friend Cédric's talent and irresistible sense of humour.

Bonne expédition au pays de Cédric & Co.!

The video of Factum Jacob by Candice Breitz : now available!

"Like the near-identical paintings by Robert Rauschenberg, Factum I and Factum II, 1957, on which Factum Jacob is based, the duality of the two prints is permeated with differences which may not be apparent at first."
Candice Breitz, Factum Jacob, 2009, stills from a two-channel video installation.For more info on this photo, go to:
White Cube, London
or The Power Plant, Toronto

Factum Jacob...This title might sound familiar to your ears. On October 27, 2009, I already published a post on the subject of Factum, this special Power Plant/Partners in Art commission to Candice Breitz but, at the time, only photos were available as the video still needed to be edited.

A few days ago, Candice Breitz sent us her love from Singapore where she finished with the installation of the whole Factum series last week. The show is up and running now and Candice is very happy with the installation. It took them very long hours (2 years!) in order to finish the edits but now everything is done and they were happy to let us know that the final demo version of Factum Jacob is now available today!
You can download the film via this link (it takes a little while to upload, be patient!):


Please remember that the actual art work is shown in a loop. That means that the viewer cannot see a beginning or an end of the portrait.

I have waited 2 years to watch this video, so I was very happy to discover this final edited version. I learnt a lot about my husband, Marco, his twin brother, Miguel and their quite unique relationship.

I hope that you too will enjoy watching it.
Let me know of your impressions!
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