Monday, October 3, 2011

YSL at the Bata Shoe Museum

"YSL – Classicism and Transgression "
An Illustrated Talk by Laurent Cotta

@ the Bata Shoe Museum
Wednesday, October 12 2011,  6:30pm

'Towards the end of his life, Yves Saint Laurent defined himself as “the last great couturier”. Before the end of his career in 2002, he was certainly the last active couturier to have lived through the glorious period of Parisian design in the 1950s. Recognized by Chanel as her heir, and taking after classic French tradition, Saint Laurent offered an understated fashion which glorified women and gave them the assurance needed to assert themselves in this transitional period. Join art and fashion historian Laurent Cotta from the Musee Galliera in Paris, as he discusses how through his classic designs Yves Saint Laurent accompanied women in their emancipation and fashioned a clothes-closet that is contemporary even to this day. ' (Alliance française de Toronto)

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