Sunday, June 19, 2011

Au nom du Père

In the name of the Father.

Félix Rochet & Marco Jacob / Château de Césarges- Sept. 19, 2009
En cette fête des pères, j'aimerais célébrer la mémoire de mon père qui s'est éteint le samedi 11 juin 2011 à l'âge de 75 ans.
Repose en paix, mon cher papa.
Ton esprit ne cessera de voyager avec moi.

On Father's day, I would like to commemorate the memory of my dear father who passed away last Saturday June 11th at the age of 75.
Rest in Peace, daddy.
Your spirit will always travel with me.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Waiting for baby...

* Baby shower on June 4th at Rob and Trel's, in their lovely backyard: Wonderful!

*Prepping the nursery (wallpaper, crib and other staple ingredients): OK- checked!
Old-fashioned wallpaper and hanger (Mike Scapillati)

*Baby + mummy bags for the hospital (3 weeks in advance, just in case): OK- checked!
I got this Skip Hop, Dash diaper bag: compact, handy and roomy - swell! Love it!
I also got this amazing SoYoung Charlie diaper bag from one of my friends who knows the mother who designed and started her own business selling this highly versatile bag. The ideal mom-traveller's diaper bag or just a super stylish bag to go back to work or travel the world with!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Double bill : LOL with a bit of a bittter twist!

Just so you know, I cried of laughter in front of this film...A bitter-sweet comedy that was surprisingly way more funny than I expected.

 Memories...I was 7 in 1977... This film had the effect of a "madeleine de Proust" on me. The music, the styles, the Baronne de Rotschild ideal housewife-style played by Catherine Deneuve ( not so naive, though), Georges Marchais and his fight in defense of the massive waves of labour strikes, not to forget Aujourd'hui Madame, the TV show with the unforgettable opening music. Un portrait assez finaud d'une société embourgeoisée mise à mal où eau de rose et vitriol se mêlent allègrement. Jubilatoire!
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