Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Double bill : LOL with a bit of a bittter twist!

Just so you know, I cried of laughter in front of this film...A bitter-sweet comedy that was surprisingly way more funny than I expected.

 Memories...I was 7 in 1977... This film had the effect of a "madeleine de Proust" on me. The music, the styles, the Baronne de Rotschild ideal housewife-style played by Catherine Deneuve ( not so naive, though), Georges Marchais and his fight in defense of the massive waves of labour strikes, not to forget Aujourd'hui Madame, the TV show with the unforgettable opening music. Un portrait assez finaud d'une société embourgeoisée mise à mal où eau de rose et vitriol se mêlent allègrement. Jubilatoire!

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