Wednesday, July 27, 2011

3 semaines sur la Terre!

Lola, Sunday, July 24th: celebrating her 3rd week with us!
Lola, le dimanche 24 juillet : 3 semaines déjà!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lola Inès Felicity Jacob - Après la pluie, le beau temps!

The subject of my last post preoccupied my thoughts for a while  (see: Au nom du père).

Now as life always has it, that big dark cloud has found its silver lining. The most beautiful gift has been offered onto my husband and I, her name is Lola Inès Felicity. Born on July 3rd (her due date!), she is the Light of Our Life Associated, the glory and joy of her father and mother.We just celebrated  her 1st week in the outer sphere with the family and a cup of bubbly wine, my first cup in nine months!

Oh Lola! Thank you for being such a bundle of fun and bringing so much peace and love in our newly formed trio.
Lola, 1-week old.
Food for thought:

I must admit that the first few days after delivery I rediscovered very simple joys...To my fellow pregnant women, do not despair, your extra kilos will melt away ( after one week, I have already lost 10 kg!), your swollen feet will eventually get back to normal and putting on your favourite summer sandals will not be a challenge anymore; although I must admit that I enjoyed being helped by my dearest husband ;o).

And yes, you will also be able to bend forward to cut your toe nails, rub your feet, pamper, pick up something you dropped, etc. All these amazing skills will come back in one foul swoop!
Lola, 1-week old
Still I marvel at the idea that this little being (3,2 kg- 52 cm) is actually as she was in my womb, what a miracle!
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