Friday, July 10, 2009

Exit the Sheik of Chic...

Monday, July 6th: Valentino, The Last Emperor - 7 P.M. Attended film screening orchestrated by Fashion Magazine at the Isabel Bader Theatre, Toronto. The director, Matt Tyrnauer, Special Correspondent for Vanity Fair magazine, was present. 'It just so happened that the director picked a momentous time in the designer's life to follow him around. After years of refuting rumours of his retirement, Valentino finally decided that the spring 2008 couture collection would be his last' (Amy Verner, read the article in: The Globe and Mail).

The documentary gave me a better insight of Valentino Garavani's creative process and designs. Quite fascinating. I mostly enjoyed watching the haute-couture maestro, and his talented team of seamstresses, at work and 'Quel travail!' (what an amount of work!), as Karl Lagerfel exclaims.

Statue of a young Roman woman

In a nutshell, not my favourite fashion designer, but the enthralling beauty and genius mastery of his designs caught all my attention. The film ends on last year's anniversary show celebrating his 45 years of career in Rome. A grandiose farewell, where the display of mannequins and models, dressed in Valentino's subtle layers of pleats, suddenly turned into a collection of gems or into Roman academic statuary art. Inspiring.

'Valentino In Rome, 45 Years Of Style'
The entrance to the exhibition: ‘Valentino in Rome: 45 Years of Style’

Arrivederci, Roma. Mr. Valentino, the Last Emperor, maybe, but not the least.

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