Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Sartorialist in Toronto...

Today, I swung by Holt Renfrew at lunch time to see the Sartorialist's exhibit and 'meet with' Scott Schuman who was present for the occasion.

But before I get into the details of the event, allow me to digress a bit- I know, I know, this is so typical of me. Well, just as we stepped out of our building, we met face to face, or rather bumper to bumper, with a Figaro car . Have you ever seen one? It is absolutely beautiful! I loved it so much that I pretended it was mine...

We resumed our walk up to the Holt Renfrew store now with longer strides as we were running a bit late. When we arrived on location, on Bloor Street, the crowd of aficionados was already there, all gathered around Scott Schuman, the Fantastic Man of the event.

Scott Schuman in Fantastic Man magazine #7

I didn't get the chance to get near him, nor did I hear what he actually said, and believe me I tried - but to no avail...It was not a Q&A, it was a very informal meeting, once I had accepted the frustration of the concept, I had fun. It was really interesting to observe the whole phenomenon taking place in front of me. It was fascinating to look at the people around, a real fashion show, rich in styles and colours, either (too) overly sophisticated or more sprezzatura-like. I felt that everyone had cared to dress up more than usual to honour this sartorial meeting.

Suddenly , he appeared! From behind a glass case displaying a shoe, I could see him, Mr. Schuman.

The exhibit of The Sartorialist's photography

Here is a selection of the styles I loved:

A scooter rider's impeccable style. Look at his Barker Black shoes!

Both a highly-structured and super slick look for this elegant lady
The press journalists and TV crews were interviewing him, thus acknowledging his ever-growing celebrity status - an autodidact with a flair for the signs of his times. I learnt from Jelena Adzic, the CBC reporter, that he used to be a tailor, hence his devotion and great appreciation for craftsmanship. I like that a lot in a man!
He was also there to promote his book, The Sartorialist, that has just been published by Penguin.

Young man in a straw hat attending the event

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