Wednesday, July 8, 2009

An Easy Step

Anonymous, The Tightrope Wedding / Le mariage des funambules - La Rochelle, 1959

This postcard was sent to me a few months ago by an elegant friend of mine, Françoise, who lives in Lyon, France. Even though I am just starting a blog and admit to searching for wi-fi hotspots when on a trip, I am not a big fan of sending e-cards. I lament writing postcards. Receiving or sending out a postcard literally makes my day! Vintage or not, I view postcards as significant, tangible reminders of a specific correspondence drawn between the passing of time and an illustrated message.
This image and title,
An Easy Step, clearly reflects my motivations of the time, past and present. It is an echo to the reckless drive that brought me to Canada in September 2007. On a tight rope, sur la corde raide, clean slate, a drive that was powerful and yet quite mysterious. I wonder. Why did I take such a drastic step? Leaving behind my comfortable life as an English teacher in Lyon to start afresh in Toronto seemed like an easy step to me. Probably because it was a leap of faith, I was confident in my new adventure. And I was right, I have found my balance here.
This postcard also reminds me of Philippe Petit's lyrical ballads on the tight rope (see, Man on Wire directed by James Marsh).
Philippe Petit: 1974 high-wire walk between the Twin Towers of New York's WTC

Last but not least, this postcard was sent to me last April 2009 to celebrate my engagement to my fiancé, Marco - and I thought it was a perfect illustration of another easy step that I am about to take as we are getting married in France next September! Looking forward to taking new steps, easy or not...

View over the River Saône, from the Rue Pierre Blanc in Lyon, August 2008.

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Eva Gallant said...

Wow, you are as daring as the bride on the high wire.. to leave your country and move to Canada! I admire your courage. Congratulations on your upcoming nuptialsm, as well!
The butterfly is gorgeous.

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