Monday, August 3, 2009

Des plumes Février en septembre...

A scene at the Opera House from Max Ophül's The Earrings of Madame de...(1953)

Ladies and gentlemen, after having reviewed what might suit a gentleman on his big day, or for any other big day, really; please allow me to now focus on my bridal outfit. I must admit that I had one choice too many, as I had three possible outfits...As a matter of fact, my first idea was to get married in an ivory-coloured Nina Ricci silk suit for the civil service and get changed at night for the reception. I've always liked the soberness of a suit for a civil wedding, but then I realized it was perhaps a bit too serious, or too mature for the occasion. I therefore decided to change plans, I will wear my suit for the next-day brunch, no big deal!
This being said, I looked for new ideas...and there, while browsing Weddingbells website, I found my ideal bridal gown. Wow! For me, it embodies everything that I crave, but is unfortunately far beyond my reach!

Oscar de la Renta, spring 2010 collection: a whimsical headpiece with a state-of-the-art lacy dress, I looooove this style!

Fair enough, I got back to the ivory-coloured vintage 1950s dress that I originally wanted to wear for the reception and ball. It has been voted by the majority, that is to say by those who can see it (excluding the groom-to-be, naturally), as the dress to wear during the day, as it is very bride-like but not meringue-like at all, no no no! But now, for the evening reception and ball, I will be wearing a Vera Wang evening gown, very beautiful Hmm, so I thought in order to ease the storm of gossip that I would raise wearing a black dress on my wedding day, I asked a Parisian friend of mine to come rescue me with a feathery, lively headpiece, rich in white feathers that would counterbalance the black. Julien Leydis is a very talented fashion designer; he was the right man to ask for help, for sure. I dropped him a line about the delicate subject in an email last week, and a few hours later, I received this sketch:

WOW! This is absolutely gorgeous! But then, I thought to myself what will happen when I dance the tango , the feathers might well tickle my partner's nose when dancing . So I just asked Julien if he could curb them a bit as I remembered a scene from the film by Max Ophüls, The Earrings of Madame de...(see picture above), and Julien came up with this second sketch:

Both spectacular and elegant, don't you think? The feathers will come from Le Plumassier de Paris, La Maison Février, which, since 1929, has been the sacro-saint place for feathers in Paris. The House's prestigious clients include Mistinguett, Josephine Baker, the Lido and Moulin Rouge or Chanel, Jean-Paul Gaultier, etc. Supplying feathers to both the cabarets and the haute-couture collections.
Yes, it does not happen often, but now you understand why I will be wearing February feathers in September...

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Sabine M D said...

So Chic! Tellement parisien! Féminin... Et quel beau projet on dirait une affiche! Ce beau coup de crayon bleu qui rehausse la blancheur des plumes c'est drôle c'est comme les lavandières qui mettaient du "bleu" dans l'eau pour rehausser la blancheur du linge! Et comme j'ai hâte de te voir !! Bisous!

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