Monday, August 17, 2009

Of my Quest for the Right Bridal Look...

On my way to the perfect bridal style (meaning the one that fits me...), I was offered a great opportunity to get valuable tips. Today I participated in a video shoot for Weddingbells magazine. My appointment was at 10.30AM at the Alcorn Salon on Yonge Street. There, I was greeted by Stephanie Gray (online editor), and Nicole Keen (stylist), the two most gracious young ladies you could imagine, both very professional and genuinely friendly. On set were Tony Masciangelo (hair/makeup artist) and his assistant, and two video crew members. When I arrived the whole crew was busy with Julie, their elegant Classical Bride. Maestro Tony did her hair and makeup and WOW! When she put on the dress, she looked absolutely beautiful, ready to walk down the aisle! Even if her big day will only come in May, a May flower in full bloom.
My segment began with a consultation about my beauty look with Tony. I actually had heard about the great talents of Tony Masciangelo by Miguel Jacob (photographer), my fiancé's twin brother, who knows him from jobs they took together; so I knew I was in good hands, I could relax and let my hair down, literally! Sharing in with Tony during the consultation, I mentioned the beautiful new windows at Holt Renfrew, and he told me that he was the one who had styled the wigs for the mannequins on display... It's a small world! If you live in Toronto, don't miss this new window, it has been the best in a long time. Run!

Two of my favourites: Studio 54. Holt Renfrew window, August 2009 - Photo by Miguel Jacob

But, let's get back to my metamorphosis...Just like the previous bride, I had my hair and makeup done to reflect what had been discussed in my consultation and also to fit with the bridal beauty style that Weddingbells had assigned me, the Fashionista Bride... To finish my look I was dressed and accessorized. And, all of a sudden, the wedding bells chimed around me, magic happened...Look!

Me as the Fashionista Bride in a Partina Atelier dress

I love the dark lipstick that Tony chose for my complexion, I will keep the idea for my actual wedding day in September. The delicate blusher veil is from Sussman's Bridal Supplies on Queen Street West, it added drama to the look and subtly mirrored the flower pattern of the lace in the dress. As for the dress, satin and lace, it fit me like a glove! Nicole Keen has such a good eye, it's unbelievable. I had told her that, although my wedding dress style is going to be quite different, I really loved the new Oscar de la Renta 2010 Spring collection, and she came up with this beautiful high-collared, laced-up Partina Atelier dress. Reminiscent of de la Renta, isn't it?

Oscar de la Renta, 2010 Spring collection : Fabulous!

I joked around, and said that I loved the look so much that I was going to run away with the dress and all the gear on. Close your eyes, 1,2,3...let's play 'hide and seek'! Hmm, they did not take me seriously...I guess it is because it was too scorching hot outside, and also because I would not have gone unnoticed on the streets. Have you seen a bride passing by here? We laughed, instead.
I had a wonderful time. Sharing in with this well-seasoned crew and talking about the style I will actually wear was totally enjoyable. They were not short on good advice and tips, which I thanked them for. At 1PM, my segment was finished. I could leave. Tony asked me if I wanted to have my hair undone and my makeup removed, but I said - I don't think so... Stephanie, Nicole and I kidded about it. For sure, professional models would never leave a set with their makeup on, but I am NOT a professional model and it is not everyday that I look so sharp! So I decided to look a bit over the top. Oui, madame- Oui, monsieur, I did show off. I went to Holts, where I noticed the ladies and gentlemen's looks of approval; one lady even smiled to me and said: Nice Chignon! Thank you.
Yes, I walked about ostentatiously to eventually sit down at the terrace of my usual Lettieri Café (the one in Yorkville) and chilled out over a freshly squeezed veggie juice. Ahh - Happiness!

On Bloor Street- Photo by Marco Jacob

What a day! The video will be online on Weddingbells website next September or October. I'll keep you posted. Ok, now I have to go...undo my hair and remove the makeup.

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