Friday, May 7, 2010

Eclectic sources of Inspiration on a Thursday night!

Photos by Geneviève Caron, represented by Lisa Bonnici, photographer's agent.

Last night, we went on an art cruise. The trip took us first to the Gladstone Hotel where part of the Contact show is currently exhibited. Strangely enough, my attention got caught by the photographic works of two Genevièves... Geneviève Caron and Geneviève Thauvette.

Photos by Geneviève Thauvette

Then while browsing through the Gladstone floors, we got invited for a drink by a friend, artist Bruno Billio, resident of room 209. This stop-over in his room sure crowned our visit to the Gladstone with a certain sense of Sprezzatura. Bruno's interior offers a subtle dialogue between the ultra-modern and the classic, which might well reflect his own personality.

And last but not least, we ended up at the Enter OCAD 2010 show. Simply breathtaking! If you have the occasion this weekend to spend an hour or two in the university’s Faculty of Design, you will sure enjoy the eclectic mix of their graduating students' works- ranging from drawing and painting, printmaking, photography, criticism and curatorial practice, integrated media and sculpture/installation in the Faculty of Art, to advertising, environmental, industrial and graphic design, illustration and material art and design (jewellery, fibre and ceramics).

What a night!

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crispy said...

I saw his room at the Come up to my Room art show and absolutely loved it!!

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