Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Art of Swordsmanship

Calligraphy by Denis Brown, 2004
Click Here to explore more calligraphy by Denis Brown.

"What do you write, my lady?

Words, words, words."

(not to faithfully quote Shakespeare's Hamlet, II,2,193-194...)

I have just been offered a Calligraphy Set for beginners!

Interested both in drawing and writing, I can now fully enjoy my immersion into the art of ink and get dirty... I have but started practicing my pen and nibs on the paper to form the different lettering styles, and I am already amazed at the potential beauty of their morphed imprints.

Does calligraphy appeal to you too? Let me know, I am curious. ;o)


On vient de m'offrir une trousse de calligraphie pour débutants!

Intéressée par le dessin et l'écriture, voici que je prends un malin plaisir à plonger mon nez dans l'encrier.... Certes, je viens tout juste de commencer et me familiarise encore avec ma plume, mais déjà, la satisfaction est là! Et je m'émerveille face aux multiples empreintes de beauté potentielle laissées par ses volutes encrées dans le papier.

Est-ce que la calligraphie vous intéresse aussi? Laissez-moi vos impressions, je suis curieuse ;o)


Zuly said...

I a very interested in caligraphy. You are very lucky you will get to learn it.

Christine Rochet-Jacob. said...

Dear Zuly,

I am not surprised at all that you are interested in calligraphy! It will be my pleasure to share my instructions book with you when I have taken the basic steps ;o)


Anonymous said...

IAMPETH.... Go there!

for info about Callig styles:

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