Monday, February 22, 2010

St Germain Style at H&M: Spring has Sprung!

Yes, I got these three pieces: the black shorts, the jumpsuit and the black-and-white striped sweater!

Today has been a snowy day in Toronto. A lot of snow. Winter is still here, manifest. But let me tell you something, spring has sprung, or at least, in my wardrobe! How gay and light-hearted was I to play with the snowflakes landing on my multi-coloured scarf!
On February 20, 2010, I was waiting outside H&M on Bloor Street, Toronto, at 9.45AM with my husband as assistant extraordinaire. I could not miss the opening at 10AM of the exclusive knitwear collection by Rykiel pour H&M! Actually, we were surprised to see there was just a very short line-up, let's say there were 15 people in front of us, at the most... When the collection first opened on Bloor Street, we must have been 20 customers interested in the Rykiel pour H&M perles rares. No big rush! I was so happy to see that Sonia Rykiel is not that well-known in here. Pffew!
The collection is sheer delight, full of classic Rykiel signature pieces like Sonia Rykiel’s striped sweater, one of contemporary fashion’s iconic pieces.

Yes (bis), I got that beret studded with rhinestones, a few graphic bangles, that swell little handbag, and the oversized striped sweater//dress too!

It also brings fashion fantasy to life with very graphic bangles, black leather patent platform shoes, leggings covered in rhinestones, frilly hot pink or yellow dresses and the perfect drawstring jumpsuit, with a focus on brilliant colour and Parisian joie de vivre.

No, I didn't go for these flashy one-coloured outfits. I know my limits! But they are a treat for the eye, aren't they?

Well, I ended up renewing my spring wardrobe, which was graciously offered by my wonderful husband as an anticipated gift for my upcoming 40th birthday (next May...)- how spoilt I felt!

Don't miss the opportunity to drop by your nearest H&M store for the occasion and try on as much as you can. The collection is irresistible! Sonia Rykiel knows the language of ladies' knitwear to perfection.

For a behind the scenes peak at the collection featuring interviews with Sonia Rykiel and Nathalie Rykiel, president and artistic director, check out the video:

Put a bit of Sonia Rykiel pour H&M in your life, you won't regret it!

In Toronto:
The Toronto Eaton Centre
1 Dundas St West

Bloor Street
13-15 Bloor St West

Yorkdale Shopping Centre
3401 Dufferin Street


Petite Princess said...

There was no rush in my local H&M either! Which was a treat as I could shop in my own time.
I think you chose some great pieces

I bought the black knit dress, stripe dress, stripe scarf, stud beret and black knit skirt. All nice quality and Im very happy with the buys.

Theres a pile of shoes leftover so Im hoping they may be discounted and I can get them cheaper :)

Sabine said...

Hi Xtine! ;o)
Do you know that here in France it is a real privilege to wear Sonia's clothes for H&M? So I would say: how lucky you are! And above all how lucky you are because you got the striped sweater! I am jealous! In fact, here in Lyon, half an hour after the opening there was nothing left... The fight was hand to hand :o) total hysteria. It's a great souvenir, I got some beautiful items for my daughter and myself, but plus jamais ça! Bisous

Marie-Charlotte said...

Autre ville, autre scénario. A Stuttgart, beaucoup de monde le samedi pour Sonia Rykiel, mais à midi, il restait quand même un certain nombre de pièces. Et c'est moi qui ai eu le dernier pull à rayures - je peux te dire que j'ai fait des envieuses! Je n'ai rien tenté d'autre, car je ne suis pas aussi filiforme que toi. Je tenais en revanche absolument à ce pull, en souvenir de ma grand-mère qui portait beaucoup de Sonia Rykiel et dont j'admirais l'élégance.

Christine Rochet-Jacob. said...

Merci pour vos commentaires, Petite Princess, Sabine et Marie-Charlotte! Ah, Sonia, quand ton style, ton élégance nous tient, plus rien ne nous arrête!

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