Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dites-le avec des Fleurs!

Illustration by René Gruau, whom I love as you might have noticed...

Last Feb.14th, Marco and I were on a plane to France to get engaged in Paris...We had not planned it specifically on St Valentine's Day, but it happened to be just like so. When we took off, we raised our glasses of Champagne To Love & Air France with golden sparks in our eyes. Unforgettable, that's what youuuu are...

I wonder what is going to happen this year now that I am married!

Dites-le avec des fleurs! (Say it with flowers!).

Tord Boontje's Plate

In a word, simple flowers, a personal note and my beloved's kisses will sure make my day!
The rest is silence.

Two charismatic lovers: French musicians Françoise Hardy & Jacques Dutronc.

St Valentine's Treat. Listen to their song: Puisque vous partez en voyage...

Happy Valentine's Day Trip!

May you travel like Françoise & Jacques,

i.e with
"l'amour pour seul bagage!"

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