Sunday, February 7, 2010

From Hip-Hop to Chicago Steppin'...No big stretch!

Last Christmas, my husband's younger brother and his wife offered us the gift of dance. As they had just embarked on a fun hip-hop journey with Jimmy-award winner, Shawn Byfield, they wanted to share the joy and get us started with hip-hop at BDX studio.

Therefore, last Wednesday we went to the dance studio all ready and geared up for hip hop. But guess what? It was unbelievable! That day was special... Shawn started the class with an announcement. Today, exceptionally, let me introduce you to another cool dance that was born in Chicago... Marco and I looked at each other with disbelief...Could that be????
On that day, instead of having our first hip hop class, we had a Chicago Steppin' class; that was surreal! How serendipitous was that?...Remember the post I published in January on my other blog, Mon Cher Coco...Just when my husband and I thought of getting into that sweet and fluid dance; there we were, enjoying an introduction to the very basic steps! So much so that we too can shuffle and slide on Chicago Steppin' mode in our kitchen now.

Thank you, Giancarlo & Lara for the Byfield Dance Experience! We still have one more class to go, and we are looking forward to it. But perhaps, instead of hip hop, we will go for a beginner's class of tap dance. Very tempting...

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