Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Putting on the Ritz at Spadina Museum: Swell!

Climbing the stairs to the party thrown in the great Spadina Museum.(Photo by Daniel)

Last Saturday, January 30th, we cut a rug at Putting on the Ritz (doing something in style), a very swanky (ritzy) 1920s party thrown at Spadina Museum. The museum is currently under renovation to restore the building to its original 1920s state. They threw this swell little party in order to promote the project and to document the impending re-opening to the public in the fall 2010!
As the organizers insisted on the fact that their guests had to be dolled up (dressed up), we decided to play it by the rules...

Cristy and Shayne
Tess and Marco (photo by Daniel)

My husband and I had thought of several possibilities for our costumes: Bonnie and Clyde, Rudolph Valentino and Louise Brooks, etc. We eventually ended up with the glad rags (outfits) of a banker-gangster look for him and the Coco Chanel-inspired flapper look for me.

Left to right: Shayne, Daniel, Marco and I (photo by Cristy).
Marco and I were
awarded 2 tickets for the new-in-town musical, and a restaurant gift certificate for Best Individual Costumes. Whoopee!

There were professional dancers, the Sugar Shakers, who eventually managed to get everyone dancing the Charleston before 10PM.

The Sugar Shakers showing their gams (legs)

They did not have to beg me to dance, I love the 1920s steps! I had dusted off my 1930s shoes for the occasion, and was all set to swing into action.
However, there was a hitch! The party was unfortunately under strict Prohibition rules - no Speakeasy (illicit bar), no hair of the dog (shots of alcohol) that night. Fancy mocktails were served instead of cocktails. Hooey (nonsense)! But oh well, it was still a very hotsy-totsy (pleasing) party! At least no one had the discomfort of experiencing a Bum's Rush (ejection by force from an establishment) in the 1920s fashion!

Cristy's fake drink. These mocktails proved very tasty actually. Bravo Mr. Barman!

This restriction made us dream of a midsummer night's 1920s party where the guests could take roaring sips off their real cocktails, while chatting on the beautiful outdoor terrace of the place...So, dear Austin family and event coordinators, please throw another party...but in the summertime, and with a license, if possible.

At 10PM, the 1920s party was over, so we scrammed and opted to go for a drink at the Reservoir Lounge on Wellington St. When we arrived there, it was insane! No coat check, and no room, we were all squeezed in like sardines. Help! We left and went to the Flatiron Firkin, instead.

Tess, la Garçonne, at the Flatiron.

Daniel, or Tintin the great Belgian reporter.

Marco, my Latino-Canadian Valentino...

Cristy, the flapper, and Shayne Holmes.

Believe me, we made quite a sensation there among the patrons... It was therefore fairly easy to get a good table and a round on the house - yes, they loved our spiffy (elegant appearance) look! They loved us there, and we loved them right back! We were happy to rejoice together while sharing REAL Mc Coy drinks...
As you might have noticed I learnt a lot of 1920s expressions last Saturday... I loved the idea and brought back a lot of these short lists of Cat's meow (sthg stylish) vocabulary in my bag.

Me, all focused, going through one of the lists of 1920s expressions!

Next time we dress up in the 1920s style, it will be for the Max Raabe concert. We can't wait!

Alright, now please excuse me, I have to see a man about a dog!

Any idea of what this means? Give it a try...I am looking forward to your suggestions ;o)


Zuly said...

The party, sounds like it was a lot of fun. You guys look sooooo gorgeous. Congratulation for the prizes, you for sure deserved it!!
We can't wait either for the Max Raabe concert.

BonjourRomance said...

Looks like you all had so much fun, and the outfits you put together were fabulous!

crispy said...

I love this post Christine! Thank you! You summed it up absolutely perfectly, truly wonderful memories! That sepia photo of Daniel & Tess is classic.

We had such fun, all together again and yes, we shall do it again in March for Max! Yay!

Marie-Charlotte said...

Magnifique! J'aurais adoré être de cette fête!

Daniel said...

Memories, refined!

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