Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Where to find quality farm products in Leslieville?

At Rowe Farms, of course!
Marco and I stopped by at their Leslieville location last Saturday and found it hard to refrain ourselves...We ended up with a basket full of goodies: a scrumptious baguette, 2 marvelous buns to match the incredibly yummy burgers that we got, maple ham for a quiche, zucchinis and a bag of fresh yellow beans, a cream of mushroom soup, some chicken breasts, and the cherry on the cake...a delicious eye of round roast beef (for less than $22 /kg).
The very same night we made the burgers: to die for! The next day, Sunday we had our baguette toasted for breakfast (yes, I am French!), and for lunch, we cooked our Sunday roast - medium rare ;) to perfection- with a side of beans and finger potatoes. What a Sunday!
To this day, we are still enjoying the leftovers of cold meat with a bit of mayo and a fresh salad.
Ça, c'est la belle vie!

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