Monday, September 26, 2011

Falling for Edwards Gardens in the Fall

The light in September is my favourite! Less crude, more gentle - it seems to adorn and enliven everything it caresses with a golden touch.
 Now, suffice it to say that I basked in this lovely September sun yesterday, how I rejoiced! I spent my Sunday afternoon strolling the picturesque lanes of Edwards Gardens and humming like a butterfly in the adjoining Botanical Gardens.

Fountain Grass
Purple Beautyberry
 Believe it or not, it had been a year since I first wanted to discover the Gardens, but without a car, it is quite a hassle to go all the way up there, all the more so with a baby... My father-in-law wanted to spend some quality time with us so I suggested we go to the Gardens to celebrate the glorious sun and Lola's 12 weeks. He was clearly happy with the idea and drove the three of us there, reminiscing all the while the last time he had visited the gardens in 1985.

À bientôt, Edwards Gardens! We spent a blissful time taking in the surrounding beauty of these gardens in the fall.

PS: Don't be surprised if while you are sitting at the Gardens Café, you sea a furry silhouette passing by you...There is a very special guest at the café...Apparently this raccoon is family there. I thought he really behaved like a "begging" dog... Smart little masked scoundrel!

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