Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Déjà! 2 years already!

Last night, Marco and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. Already!
He invited me to join him in a cafe with our baby Lola well tucked in the stroller, and there... SURPRISE! He offered me 2 big bouquets of flowers. I love being offered flowers in a public space, it is so beautiful to be spoilt in front of total strangers who for a second share an ounce of your joy!

Once back home, there was another surprise; a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Champagne cooling down in the fridge waiting for us to pop the cork, which we did! Our gift to each other was to spend some quality time and cook a meal together. We had watched a Jamie Oliver show that had inspired us and had decided on the menu for the night: a tray of fish with a spinach salad, salsa verde and the best potato salad in the world! We prepared the whole menu by the book, except for the Banofee pie that will have to be experimented and savoured for another special occasion. For dessert, I had already made some lemon and poppy seeds madeleines to match our vanilla ice cream.
To see the video of the Meals in Minutes show in question, go to this link.
Jamie Oliver making a salsa with extra virgin olive oil - gorgeous!

Marco and I cannot get enough of Jamie Oliver's culinary verve, he is so colourful and genuinely enthusiastic about food that you feel like cooking as soon as the show is over. And oh boy, does he love his extra virgin olive oil, Marco and I have this private joke about him, we call him Jamie Olive Oil- we love him soooo much!

Well, needless to say that we had a glorious night, cooking, eating, drinking, and celebrating our newly born trio with Lola. Yes, we sure paid a fair tribute to the Veuve's golden bubbles and finished the whole bottle that very night...

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Thierry Perrin said...

Sounds great : Happy birthday you lovebirds !!

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