Friday, October 9, 2009

Our Interior as the New Frontier...

Currently revelling in the joys of our honeymoon, the comfort of our home, sweet home, i.e The World of our Interiors, has been brought back to the fore as the ultimate new Frontier... Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?
After clearing the hallway from long-discarded frames, boxes or other temporary items that were threatening to sit there permanently, we felt the urge to reorganize a few things to make our place more functional; nonetheless, bearing in mind our prerequisite for aesthetics, of course.

In the bedroom, a Peruvian mirror and a framed photo by Martin Chambi from the 1930s, showing a ritual dance in Lima. And in the bathroom, the long-discarded frames were eventually used to display our Comedia dell'Arte pictures from Venice.

Mission accomplished, the hallway is now free, new bookcases have been added to the office and bedroom, plus other useful items or decorative objects have found their way home with us. Our place is really coming together.

In the office. // In the living room.

As a non-professional, I have been smitten with The World of Interiors magazine for a year and a half, that is when I first met with my husband. He, as a professional designer, has collected them for years. It is a real bliss for me to go through this huge pile of Interiors, either for research, style references or, simply for inspiration. Every month I expect the new World of Interiors to take me aback with the quality of its design photography and writing. Interestingly, the way they promote their magazine is by saying: "Designed to delight, surprise and inspire, every issue is a source of ideas that will never go out of fashion." I do subscribe to this point of view, so what am I waiting for to subscribe to the magazine? Don't ask me... I don't know!

This being said, I've already told you (see older post, Hidden Beauty) that looking for antiques is one of our favourite pastimes, that's why....

Our finds of the day: an off-white pie dish, a set of dusty pink creamer and sugar bowl, all from before the 1950s, with just the name of the location, Delft, hand-painted on the bottom of the items. Plus an Andrée Putman black-and-white metallic tray, exclusively edited for Carto Form.

...last Sunday 27 September, we went treasure hunting at Toronto's St Lawrence antique market. We walked back home with a big smile on our face, providing a lot of TLC to our new bounty, which we had got for a mere $ 25 after haggling a bit with the vendors...The world of our interiors shone a bit more vibrantly thanks to the subtle conversation of our new guests who had quickly made themselves at home!


The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

A green living room reminiscent of John Stefanisdis use of colour, brilliant. Well done Madame.

Christine Rochet-Jacob said...

Hello Simone,

Thank you for this nice comment. I don't know John Stefanidis's use of this blue-green colour, could you send me a link showing a photo? The colour is actually from Farrow & Ball, it is called arsenic.A green verdigris wallpaper ground colour first used on F&B Napoleonic Bee wallpaper. Arsenic... because in the 19th century,the colour contained the poisonous substance; people loved the colour so much that they were ready to intoxicate themselves with it on their walls...Nowadays, the paint recipe no longer resorts to arsenic...that's a relief!
Happy Thanksgiving,
Christine R-J

The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

Hi Christine,
Love Farrow & Ball when I was decorating their James white was my little black dress, it when everywhere I did. John is fearless when using colour and your living room is bold enough to have been one of his. See here at fellow blogger who as a photo of his work English interior design restoration companies like Colefax and Fowler and Farrow & Ball fits nicely into his portfolio and would marry well with your space or so I think. You my dear have an eye for the divine.

All my very best,

Christine Rochet-Jacob said...

Thank you for the link, Simone! I enjoyed John Stefanidis's interior decoration as shown here, indeed.
So you used to be an interior decorator, how great is that?! Looking forward to reading you ;)

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