Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Art Metropole & Luis Jacob's book launch

In the background: The silhouettes of Luis Jacob & Chris Curreri.

Last Saturday, October 17th marked a foray in my understanding of Luis Jacob's art work. It also was a wonderful opportunity to discover this quite unique place for documentation and research in contemporary and conceptual art that is Art Metropole.

But who is Luis Jacob? On a private note, he is the eldest brother of the Jacob Four, the Fantastic Four, as previously mentioned in a former post, but he is better known in the public eye as a noted Canadian artist and writer.

Of course,I had already been impressed by Luis's art work before, but this book launch offered me the ideal space and time to delve into the evolution of his art through his publications. My attention was most particularly caught by the fluid complexity of Towards a Theory of Impressionist and Expressionist Spectatorship.

All photos by Miguel Jacob

This book launch felt like a sort of art forum held in the womb of a fertile Metropole (from the Greek metropolis:'mother city'). I think I even grasped a few fragments of Luis's maieutics.

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