Friday, October 16, 2009

Once upon a show...Greta Constantine S/S 2010

With my crew of usual suspects: Miguel Jacob & his girlfriend, Jennifer Parsons, and mon cher Coco, Marco Jacob.

Thursday, October 15th started Fashion Week frenzy here with notorious Toronto-based designers' Greta Constantine Spring/Summer 2010 Show at another unexpected location of their choice. This time Kirk & Stephen had chosen to stage their collection, which also marked the runway debut of their menswear line, Ezra Constantine, in a vast garage environment, the Audi dealership on Bayview Avenue. We walked down a ramp and arrived in a huge, concrete basement area, where the runway had been set. It felt big, off Toronto's beaten tracks, for sure.

Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong giving an interview after the show.

To be honest, that collection did not hit me as being my favourite designed by the duo, I did not find it consistent enough. I must say that I did prefer the S/S 09 Collection with its elaborate, coloured jersey dresses, and line of accessories. I was impressed then by the way their draping and design matched on the runway of the Circa night club.
But I will be eternally grateful to this Greta Spring 2009 show as - and it does not happen in every single show, does it!- I surprised myself sharing deep, i.e real conversations, be it with Sarah Casselman and Jordan Porter, both from FASHION Magazine, or with young Amanda and her big black-framed, fake prescription glasses that, as she said, act like a magical shield on such social events, or again with Marlene and her online shopping habits. Oh, and I also had a long conversation with Joyce, who happens to be Karim Rashid's vibrant mother - no wonder he's got such charisma - she is quite a character herself! Like mother, like son... In the meantime, the boys were being hugged by gorgeous Jean-Paul Gaultier ex-model Eve Salvail, who was DJ-ing the event and who found them soooo cute...

See her with Miguel...

...and with Marco. She thought she could make his wife (i.e moi) jealous. Pffeew! Eve, even a purracious Catwoman like you does not stand a chance... No offense ;)

All in all, it was a Great Greta Show!

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