Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where to buy gorgeous vintage clothes and learn to play poker...

Go to Harlow Black (594 Markham St, Toronto)!
Last Saturday, Marco and I went there to say hi to Ashlene and Dave, the great couple behind Harlow Black.  When we got in, happy to find a toasty place to shelter us from the cold, they were playing cards all snug in their sofas. Great! Marco quickly accepted the invitation to share a game or two with Dave, and off they went...playing poker! Believe me Marco was very proud to have learnt how to play basic poker in an hour. I myself fretted around, all happy to look for new clothes with Ashlene. She had to help me find out comfortable yet good-looking dresses to fit my currently curvy shapes... I  NEEDED a couple of new dresses as I have entered the pregnancy season and have started to feel like the incredible Hulk. It is all based on facts, the other day I was wearing a dress that didn't feel tight at all (see picture below) but I literally ripped the zipper just by yawning...Of course, I was at work but the blazer that I had on top covered the damage ok until the end of the day, pfeww!

The dress (found at Harlow Black too) that I ripped along the seam in the back, with the very blazer that saved my day when I turned into the Incredible Hulkette!
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