Thursday, February 10, 2011

C'est Paris, c'est la Vie... selon Daphnée!

The other day in my French class, just 10 minutes before the end and as I was going to log out from our online session, one of my students suggested that I connect to . He had just discovered this app in the great selection offered by the internet globosphere to learn how to speak a better French and wanted to introduce us to her. Hum, I must admit I was quite charmed by the funny, infusing energy of Daphnée's pedagogical approach - which I also found somewhat irritating... Fasten your seat belt, you won't be spared any juicy stereotype!

Now, if you haven't met flamboyant Parisian 'Daphée', don't be shy, pay her a visit. You might enjoy her teaching a lot, actually ;o)


Thierry Perrin said...

Trop drôle Daphné.. A peine irritante :)

Christine Rochet-Jacob. said...

I totally agree with the irritating side of it. Right on, dear TT!

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