Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Over your cities grass will grow

Last night I enjoyed the screening of a documentary film that my friend Emilie Blézat (Sciapode Prod.) just co-produced:  
Sophie Fiennes’
at the Toronto International Film Festival
AMC 4 September 14th, 8:45 pm
AMC 9 September 16th, 6.00 pm
AMC 2 September 18th, 9.00 am
in the Visions section.
OVER YOUR CITIES GRASS WILL GROW bears witness to German artist Anselm Kiefer’s alchemical creative processes and renders as a film journey the personal universe he has built at his hill studio estate in the South of France.
I was very much interested in discovering the process of Kiefer's work, which I must admit I really did not know before. Sophie Fiennes's choice of Ligeti's subtle musical pieces achieved a perfect dialogue with the images.
Go see it if you can, and let me know of your impressions!

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