Saturday, April 10, 2010

Facial treat-ment!

Dear dear dear!
Last Thursday I finally indulged and enjoyed the very unique spa gift (through that some London-based friends offered to us as a wedding present last year. I relaxed into a wonderful facial treatment. What a plunge!
Yes, the picture would have been flawless if... the blackheads removal had been reported missing. ARGHHHHHH! I hate this! 'Are you OK, dear?' 'Yeeees, fine, fine...'. Just biting the bullet...Trying to be polite, when I could have punched the beautician in the face, once or twice perhaps, just to release the pain. Did I say how much I hate this?
Promised I'll do the exfoliating twice a week, and will apply a hydrating mask once a week to fight against these nasty eye wrinkles, promised!
Anything that can spare me the blackheads torture again.

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