Thursday, December 10, 2009

Video Phone, Gaga... or not ?

Au fait...Have you noticed like me that, nowadays, the use of a video phone has become one of the ultimate weapons of seduction? While Beyoncé features Lady Gaga on her video phone hit, I wonder...Shall I upgrade my basic Sony Ericsson phone for a more gogo-LadyGagadgeto one? Have you ever gone through that dilemma recently? I have the feeling that I am not the only one out there. It has become a Big Brother epidemic, a contagious iconoclastic frenzy spreading among us. I spy with my little eye...
Look at these ladies, playing it like Reservoir-Dogs-meet-Barbarella with their décalé hip-hop- discoide looks. Reckless Amazons of the wild West, performing belly-dancing on oriental electro music. Phones shooting like guns; wild girls walking the docks, or riding their motorbikes with the wind in their hair, and a gun held on close to their well-decked busts. Oulala! Can a video phone cause so much turmoil in girls? I wonder.
But wait a minute, I don't really need a video phone! For the anecdote, like many of you, I already have an ipod, which I hardly ever use, and a camera, which I often use...So I am good, all set. I don't need a video phone, even if I find the idea of having it all in one quite appealing, hum to some extent.
No. Reason will have it. Honestly, I just need a fancier 2G phone to call and text. I am not so gaga about the new-technology frontier, anyways. Yes, I will resist the temptation...I don't feel quite ready yet to enter the video phone dimension.


BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Christine!
I'm with you, I'm not particularly gaga about all this new technology. I think everything was alot better before all this high tech stuff happened.
I've just been browsing through some of your old wedding posts - what a beautiful day the two of you had and what a beautiful couple. I really enjoyed it because after all I'm a hopeless romantic. Wishing you every happiness!

Christine Rochet-Jacob. said...
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Christine Rochet-Jacob. said...

Bonjour Romance!
Glad you enjoyed our wedding photos. Thanks for the compliments and the good wishes, I'll take them all!
Vive L'AMOUR et la Romance à Paris, ou ailleurs...


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