Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Marco Jacob, or the Art of the Trench according to the Sartorialist

Do you remember when Scott Schuman, a.k.a the Sartorialist, visited Toronto last July, 22nd (see post)? The next day, Marco met with Scott and was shot for the Art of the Trench Burberry Campaign.
Here is the result. Personally, and this is a totally biased point of view, of course, I love his focused look. This trench seems to be an inspiring one! I wish I could read the notes or see the sketches that were jetted down back then. Yes, a nice Sartoriale-with-a-twist look, cheered up by the red socks, and the 1970s Samsonite briefcase.
Leave a comment if you feel like, I am curious to read your impressions.
For your viewing pleasure, I suggest that you also take a stroll and browse through the complex mosaic of styles portrayed on the Art of the Trench website.
Looking good, baby!

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Tamara said...

I just came across this post, Christine - how fabulous that Marco was shot for the campaign! I will look more keenly for his photo now, but I have reviewed the campaign and love the execution.

Fantastic to see a high-end brand properly match a current trend in fashion/pop-culture to modernize, while complementing, the elegance & heritage of the brand itself to attract and engage a new generation of media and fashion savvy customers.

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