Thursday, February 19, 2015

"Thank you and have a good day!"

...or when the old-fashioned (out of fashion?) rules of courtesy get twisted in the end.

Well, it happened to me this morning.

As I was enjoying a day off today, I left home with a cunning plan. All bundled up, my child and I put on our best smile to walk out there towards the subway station and face the extreme wave of cold that has been hitting Toronto over the last two months. After dropping her off at pre-school, I was all excited at the idea of going to spend a couple of hours in, what I presumed, would be a warm and cozy 'habitat'.
Delica Kitchen at Yonge & St Clair

My plan involved sipping a cup of coffee in a great place while skimming through a couple of design magazines that I had carefully selected for my coffee session. I entered the place, ordered an Americano and a banana loaf with great expectations…Their food is quite pricy but it is tasty and delicate.

I started musing and jetting down notes on my notebook for future potential blog posts. After 15 mins, I checked my watch, 10:00AM, I was the only customer sitting for coffee…Why? I didn't know. Never mind, I was happy I was the first one of a big anticipated crowd. After all, the place displays nice graphic interior decor, has good food and is conveniently located next to the subway station. There was to be more action, for sure. Well…after an hour, 3 other patrons had dropped by to quickly buy a coffee or some food, but they had come in and out in no time. Was that due to the cold? Probably. Then I felt a massive draft, this Delicatessen/Coffee house really was not too well heated, despite a super warm furry vest and a pashmina that I threw on my lap, I started to feel the cold through my bones. Not pleasant. I felt the urge to shorten my stay to a little hour.

And believe it or not, not once did the staff ask me how I was doing, after all I was the only customer there. I know the place quite well as I have come on several occasions with my friends and family, but not once have I been greeted by the staff with a simple, genuine smile of recognition. ;(

As I left, I  said: "Thank you and have a good day!" As soon as I caught myself saying it, I thought "But wait a minute, shouldn't they say that to me?" ...

Oh well, I guess it was not the warmest place to spend a freezing cold winter morning.

Has it ever happened to you? 

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