Monday, January 17, 2011

Pape Manor-Work in Progress!

Our tree in the garden, from our bedroom window.
Welcome to our house!
The first piece we bought for the house was this late 1950s Sputnik brass chandelier (found at Zig Zag) to playfully greet us in the hallway!
Please don't forget to put on your slippers, we just sanded the floors.
Let me show you the main floor...
The kitchen (through the window you can see the sun/mud room, which we might get rid of). The sun comes in from the garden!
  A smart way to keep your dirty dishes away from your guests' sight! Our oldy-worldy butler's pantry, the sink is on the right by the window. We will ultimately turn this tucked-away pantry into a washroom when we renovate the kitchen.
The front room
The dining room
Now I'll take you upstairs to the second floor!
Our not-so-functional bathroom. To be improved, sooner than later!

Typical 1930s ventilation technique. The chimney goes into the attic and out through a pipe.
Our bedroom
The middle room or the guest room/ baby room.
The office with a walk-out balcony onto Pape Avenue- great for inspiration and relaxation from spring to autumn!
Hope you enjoyed the "petite visite guidée de la maison".

For your information:
Here is an update of the renovation works we have set as priorities for Operation Pape Manor, Phase 1:
1- Floor sanding and waxing: done before we actually moved in. It changed everything, not only the floors, but the whole look of the house.
2- The 'knob and tube' was put to code just before we moved in (hence a lot of small holes in the walls). Before we patch them, we now have to get the electrician over to shift a few switches, add more outlets, etc. Basically we need to make the electrical more functional : to be done this current week...
3-Energy-saving audit: done! Now we need to get a quote and get started with the insulation job + other energy-friendly improvements. This will have to be done before end of March in order to benefit from an Ontario energy-saving program that will refund us some of the money invested.

Painting, wallcoverings and bathroom reno will come next in Spring (Phase 2).
The kitchen and the sun room will probably not be dealt with before a year time (Phase 3).

No rush!
I am learning how to be patient ;O)

Chi va piano va sano e chi va sano va lontano!


shayne gray learns photography %$#! said...

I'm curious to see what you do with it - especially after reading your wallpaper post!

Best of luck!

shayne gray learns photography

Marie-Charlotte said...

Merci pour cette visite guidée qui m'a beaucoup intéressée même si je n'ai pas compris tous les termes, par ex."knobe and tube" (?). Cette maison a un charme fou! On doit s'y sentir très bien. Est-ce que la rue sur laquelle donne le balcon est calme?

Christine Rochet-Jacob. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christine Rochet-Jacob. said...

Shayne: Thanks for your trust and enthusiasm. Hum, don't worry you will be first row for the 1st phase of the grand reno!That is if you are still ok with giving a hand and a brushstroke or two ;O) We are planning to start painting in spring. Wallpaper will come next...

Quant à toi, MArie-Charlotte, merci pour ton commentaire! Voici les précisions qui manquaient à ta compréhension. Le "knob and tube" est le systéme électrique tel qu'il était en vigueur de 1880 aux années 30 en Amérique du Nord. Les normes ont changé, et les assurances n'autorisent plus cette ancienne installation qui peut créer des incendies avec le voltage contemporain... Quant au balcon du bureau, il donne sur la rue Pape. Il ne sera donc pas vraiment un hâvre de paix, ni au printemps ni en été vu que la rue est plutôt passante, mais pour s'aérer les neurones en plein boulot, cela sera parfait! Nous avons un jardin derrière la maison qui sera beaucoup plus propice aux heures de détente, à l'ombre de notre bel orme ;O)
Au plaisir de te lire.

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