Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Top of the morning to you!

These last few days, I've had to rest at home for health reasons (thank you very much, I am perfectly well now!;)).

The experience reminded me of my childhood's sick days when my mum would tuck me in bed and bring me a very comforting bowl of soup (little alphabet noodles were one of my faves) or a plate of ham and mash.
This time, my mum had been replaced by my loving and caring husband, but the scenario was quite similar: "Lie down and rest!" I have never felt bored when obliged to rest, it is just that now I feel more... restless, and it is more difficult to stay in just resting...So just like when I was a child, I took a good pile of books and magazines to go through, and asked my husband to pick up a short list of musical comedies to cheer me up. And it worked! 'S wonderful!

Here are 2 of them for your viewing pleasure:
Top Hat

An American in Paris

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